Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Thank you for stopping by our travel blog. We hope you will continue to come and check out our adventures and leave comments so we can hear from you. There is only one week remaining until we are on our way to CHINA!

You are welcome to click the blue "Join this Site" link on the left for e-mail updates about new posts to the blog. All you will need to do after clicking the link is put in your e-mail, name, if want you can add a picture, and select to either publicly or privately follow. We will not have access to Facebook while we're away so this is the best way to be up to date on our daily happenings.

I am looking forward to having a place to post all of our amazing pictures, videos, and share exciting stories with all of you. The links on the top tool bar should link to places where I will have all of our videos, pictures, and a map to show everywhere we've traveled to.

We will miss all our family and friends but are looking forward to this once in a lifetime experience and sharing it with you!


  1. How exciting! So glad you and Andrew get to share this experience! Good luck!

  2. Oh please eat some potatoes for me... how I miss that dish. I kinda almost wish we were going back with you guys, you were so much fun!


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