Monday, October 8, 2012

Home Sweet Home

After leaving Xi'an Saturday afternoon we were hopeful that our bus ride home to Zhangjiagang would take less than 24 hours but we were wrong. Once again it took exactly 24 hours. It's amazing how they can time it so perfectly. We're just glad it didn't take longer. It probably sounds worse then it really is. I feel like the time goes by super fast especially because whenever you fly anywhere it seems to take forever to get there. It could be because you have these awesome beds to sleep on. Well, they're not the most comfortable thing in the world but it's all yours to sprawl out and relax...that is unless you are tall like Wayne. Then it probably isn't too comfortable. Aside from feeling really dirty and desperately wanting to take a shower afterward it's a really convenient way to travel across China. Granted a train would have been nicer but at least we're home safely!
This was the view from my bottom bunk. Andrew was to my right. While taking the picture I realized how crammed it was in the bus because it was so hard to get a decent picture.

It's hard not to enjoy these state of the art bus beds that come fully equipped with a 45 degree incline, blanket, and comfortably flat 12 inch by 12 inch pillow. Just look at Andrew sleeping like a baby. 

Hannah was kind enough to take this photo from her bunk directly above me with Wayne to her right. 
We already went back to work today which I was a little excited about. Then when I was in the classroom and they were screaming, crying, trying to lift up my dress, and throwing my materials I remembered why I had looked forward to that vacation so much. I really do love them and all their craziness. We got through the lesson though. I don't think anyone else got any new students in their class but today I now have 20 students because Allen came for the first time. I have about 5-8 more students then the other three but that's okay because that just means I have more cute little kids to love!

I just wanted to quickly let you all know that we are home safely. It is 3:30 pm here which is the time we leave everyday to go back to school to play with our students while their parents pick them up. So I must be off!

Thank you so much to everyone who has written on the blog or sent me a message about how much you are enjoying it. It means a lot to me. We love hearing from you. We hope you continue to enjoy following our life here in China over the next 9 months. 

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