Sunday, October 14, 2012

Payday Pizza

We have been telling ourselves for weeks that as soon as we get paid we will make the trip to Pizza Hut to have some much needed American food. Believe it or not Pizza Hut is a pricey place and we just wouldn't have the money until then.

We were expecting to get paid on Monday the 15th because that's the day we were paid on in September for our three work days in August (even though our contract says the 10th). To our surprise on the afternoon of the 10th we were handed a huge stack of Mao's. After the initial shock wore off we realized this meant we could indulge ourselves in some payday pizza! 

We hurried home, changed our clothes, dropped off the majority of the cash, and headed for the bus stop. We took bus #5 all the way to "Walking Street" (the popular outdoor mall) and made a bee line for Pizza Hut.
Pizza Hut in China is far from the typical pizzeria in America. You walk in to find a hostess guiding you to your table and handing you giant menus with an array of pizzas, pasta, salads, and fancy desserts. The lighting, decor, and music had a very romantic ambiance to it seeing as it is a popular date night hot spot. 
We steered clear of the tilapia, salmon, and other unique pizza toppings to get something more familiar: supreme. You really can't describe the feeling one has the first time you bite into a Italian seasoned, cheesy slice of heaven after eating traditional Chinese food for two months. If you've been to a foreign country then I'm sure you can relate. It is divine. We made a toast to celebrate and devoured as much as we could. 
There were even leftovers to enjoy a couple cold slices for breakfast which made the experience even more amazing. I know not everyone does but I love cold pizza. China is a wonderful place with such great people and really delicious food. However, we seem to relish in the moments where for just a couple of minutes we can forget we are in China and feel at home. I think we've started a tradition and now I have two reasons to look forward to payday. 

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