Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Terracotta Army

We set out for the historic Army of the Terracotta Warriors. It was a long day full of more waiting in lines in the hot sun and cramming on buses. Have I mentioned there are a lot of people in China. During this time of year places like this multiply ten fold. But we knew this is why we came to Xi’an in the first place and we were going to wait as long as it took and cram into all the places we were shoved into.

We had to wait with hundreds of people in a super long line for the bus that shuttles you to the stone soldiers. It was a lot like waiting in line for a ride at Disney only not as organized. I’m surprised that the people were actually organized in a line because in the Chinese culture they don’t really line up for anything. They just sort of all cram to be the first in a mass of people. First come, first serve. The hour and a half in line went by fast and we were sitting on the bus in no time.
On the way there we saw beautiful mountains, countless people selling pomegranates, a lot of traffic and we passed this really big statue. We think it was maybe where someone’s tomb was. It was another tourist location but all we cared about was getting to the warriors. 

Once we finally arrived we set off to fight the crowds and try to get a look at these incredible structures. It's really amazing to think about all the time and effort that went into making thousands of these Terracotta Warriors and their horses. Before leaving we watched this interesting documentary on Netflix about them. I learned a lot and it helped me to appreciate what I was looking at more. If you're into that kind of thing it's called, "China's Terracotta Warriors"

 There are three different buildings that you can go and see them in. We started with number 3, then 2, and ended with number 1; the largest of them all. Everything was really amazing to see so I will let the pictures do the talking. For those who are not familiar with blogger you can click on the pictures and they will become bigger for you to see in a slideshow fashion. Then entrance to each building will be the beginning of the photos from inside there. ENJOY!
The Entrance to Pier 3

Entrance to Pier 2

Entrance to Pier 1

After fighting the crowds to leave you exit into this massive shopping area with souvenirs and lots of street food. Andrew and I bought a big and medium sized Terracotta Warrior. We saw these stands where they were selling furs. We were convinced they were dogs even though they told us they were wolves.

Despite the fact that we had to stand on a two and a half hour bus ride home due to traffic it was a fun filled day. We made a lot of memories and saw some awesome history. Xi'an is a lot of fun. Everyone is waiting on me so we can leave to go get breakfast so I better go. I hope you all are doing well. Thanks for reading!


  1. Oh my goodness, the countryside is exquisite! The warriors are amazing. Caleb and I are going to watch the YouTube video tomorrow, he is very interested in them and really wants to visit Xi'an.

    Totally lol about the "wolf" furs.

  2. Yeah those wolf furs were a joke haha

    Hi Caleb! I'm so glad you are interested in the Terracotta Warriors. They are an incredible piece of history. I'm sure there is a lot to learn about them. I hope some day you will be able to go to Xi'an. You would really like it! :)


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