Wednesday, December 19, 2012

T'was the week before Christmas

We wanted to show a little of our Christmas spirit by making you this Christmas card. The postage would have been outrageous to send to all of you so through the miracle of technology, ta-da!

It's not your run of the mill Christmas card. It's better. It has swords. 
We are  in China after all!
Although we won't be home for Christmas we will be thinking of you, you can count on that! For the first time ever the four of us will be working on Christmas day (and eve for that matter) but we faught the system and told everyone that we don't want to have a boring old English lesson like every other Tuesday that we were just going to drink hot chocolate, sing songs, and tell stories. Here's to hoping that it won't feel like a work day.

I tried to decorate for the holiday by purchasing some stockings, tree lights and ornaments for our little bonsai plants. I even made a sign that says. "Merry Christmas". I'm pretty proud of my meager attempt at bringing Christmas to our home in China. We bought a few gifts for each other and we will probably open them Christmas night. If I was a child I would want to kill my parents for making me wait all day but I guess as you get older it becomes less about the presents and more about remembering the Savior. We have been trying to do just that by enjoying a month of Family Home Evening lessons centered on Christ and doing our best to be more service oriented.

We hope your Christmas plans are coming together and you are not too overwhelmed with planning and preparing that you forget the true meaning.


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