Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Bruce Lee Birthday

Day two in Hong Kong was all about 5 things:

1. Seeing the Hong Kong cityscape
We took a mile long tram up a mountain side to get the best view. 
It was steep and at one point we were 27 degrees to the horizontal (aka really steep).

Bruce Lee was waiting for us at the top of the peak.

The majority of our attempt for a picture with the city turned out like this...
...finally at a different spot we got a decent picture. It was a beautiful view!

2. Visiting the Bruce Lee Memorial
He's the highlight of the "Avenue of Stars". It's the Hong Kong version of the Hollywood walk of fame.
Andrew and Wayne's dream came true in that very moment. I learned that he could do one handed, two finger push ups.
He was a beast.

3. A leisurely stroll through Kowloon Park 
It was really beautiful and a nice break in the middle of our busy day.
It's too bad we had to witness a poor little kid be pooped on by a bird.

4. More Shopping
Different market. Same things.

One last birthday shot together. I love this handsome man

5. Last but not least--Celebrate Andrew's 26th birthday!!!
It's not every year your birthday will be spent in such a great city.
Thank you to Ray and Chris for such a memorable birthday dinner. 
It was definitely far better than the Indian place I originally planned on going to. We filled our bellies with decadent seafood, lamb, apple pie, and my favorite- pork knuckle. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Here are a few pictures to make you drool. 

I was sad to say good-bye...
to weekends away from work
doritos and other foreign snacks
my new friend, Ray
and Hong Kong.

We had an amazing weekend in Hong Kong. So many memories were made that I will never forget--including 
the sketchy hostel we stayed at. 


  1. I still cant believe how small and nasty that hostel was.

  2. Reminds me of some of the hostels i stayed in in japan lol guess asains don't need a lot of space


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