Thursday, January 31, 2013

Braving the Chinese Salon

I'm enjoying the sweet smell of salon shampooed hair 
and the lightweight feeling after someone else blow dries it.
I was brave and got my precious locks trimmed
at the same place Andrew went to last time.
Nothing too crazy or noticeable
because I'm trying to grow it longer.

 While my stylist was blow drying my hair
one of the other young guys who worked there came up and 
took some of my hair in his hand and examined it closely.
In Chinese he said, "so beautiful" and
then proceeded to talk to me about dying my hair.
I told him in the little Chinese that I knew that I
didn't want that today and only wanted it cut.
I don't think I'll ever be brave enough to get it 
colored in China. There are not enough diagrams
and translations I could put on paper 
that would make me feel comfortable.
Who knows I might be eating my words if
my roots start looking too whack.

All in all, there was little confusion at the salon. 
I did not go unarmed as you can see.
I typed up all the details I felt were important, 
copy and pasted some photos,
and had my Chinese friend, Judy, translate.
You can never give your hairdresser too much detail and when they don't speak
your language you need to take matters into your own hands.
I'm not a control freak, right?!

After washing, blow drying, combing, cutting, 
and blow drying again I left with exactly what I wanted.
And it only cost about $5 USD.


  1. looks really good and that was really smart what you did with the paper and pictures and stuff

  2. I agree, it looks nice and that it was smart to use the pictures. That was probably really helpful for your stylist.


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