Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Birthday Suit

I am now a quarter of a century years old. The big TWO.FIVE.

If you read my last post about all the early birthday surprises that I enjoyed then you know that I won a whopping $1000 RMB ($160 USD) at my employee dinner Friday night. Naturally, I decided to spend a little of that to treat myself to some birthday presents.

I told Andrew that all I wanted for my birthday was for him to go shopping with me, not complain, and let me talk to him about the things I was trying to decide on buying (every girls dream, right?). Just like any girl friend of mine would do with me back in the states. I also didn't want to have to choose where we ate because he always says he doesn't care where we eat and it defaults back to me. He delivered on both fronts and it was a fabulous birthday filled with cute clothes and yummy food at Papa John's Pizza (it's like a toned down Olive Garden here and much more tasty if you ask me).

We enjoyed a little of everything because it was my birthday and we decided to live it up! We ordered a supreme and parmesan chicken pizza, pesto pasta, and a slice of blueberry cheesecake. We ended up taking an entire pizza of leftovers home with us and I may or may not be going to eat a cold slice after this post.

I am a bargain shopper through and through. There is just something about finding a good deal that excites me! I'm sure there are quite a few ladies out there that can relate. Shopping in my city can be frustrating because everyone is really wealthy here and the prices are so high that I rarely give in and buy anything. I make most of my purchases online from the Chinese ebay. It's just not the same as looking through racks of clothes, getting to try things on, and letting something catch your eye from across the store. *sigh* I love shopping. Surprisingly enough I was able to find some great deals with some of my birthday money and thought you might be interested in seeing how much things cost in my neck of the woods. Even though the majority of these things were marked down it's how much they should cost when they aren't being overpriced because the general population is loaded. In other words, they're normal Chinese prices. I was able to find all the perfect pieces for a sassy new "birthday suit".

1. Royal blue purse- $12.86 USD
2. Two pairs of skinny jeans- $11.25 USD each
3. Cream wedges- $6.43 USD
4. Pair of earrings and necklace- $5.47 USD 
(this is the rich people price, no sale on jewelry)
5. Black sweater and inifinity scarf combo- $4.82 USD
6. Two royal blue hair bows- $1.29 USD total
7. Black blazer- $6.43 USD
TOTAL- $48.55 USD
Under fifty bucks, amazing! I love China!

It was simply perfect and I will never forget turning 25 in China.

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  1. Ah that's neat i like how you changed the look on the blog a bit im glad you had a nice day going to go read the rest of your blod that i havent yet now


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