Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fireman Friday

I was on my own. An entire week without Judy to help me teach English class. I wasn't sure I would survive without my bi-lingual 
co-teacher. I guess Judy needed a vacation too but I wasn't expecting to come back and then BAM a week all alone!

My poor little rug rats were probably so confused by everything I was saying that week. I'm surprised that they were actually able to learn some things. Luckily, I had one weeks notice and asked Judy to write the Chinese translations on the back on the flashcards I would be using so the other adults in the room could help translate when they would ask, "Bonny Lǎoshī, shì shénme?" or "Teacher Bonny, What is that?" 

I surprised myself at how well I did throughout the week. Granted it helped that there were still about 5 children on vacation. And when you're talking about 5 to 6 year olds those 5 kids make a big difference. I was grateful to have a class of 15 for the week. 

Without Judy to approve or disapprove of my lesson plans I decided to have a fun fireman Friday which would encompass all the words from the week. We dressed up like fire man and pretended to put out fires reviewing all the tools a fireman uses. They would crack up at my silly fireman voice as we all chanted, "I am a fireman!". We had a lot of fun playing hot potato. We passed a ball with paper fire taped to it and when it landed on them they had to stop, drop, and roll. Some of them opted out of the game because there was no way they were going to touch fire. They looked at me like I was crazy for asking them to play such a game. Oh, the imagination of a child. 

Afterward something rare happened. They actually got to color! *gasp* Usually in English class I'm forced to make them practice their handwriting or do work from the workbook that would be way over the head of a native English speaking five year old (have I ever mentioned how much I hate the curriculum I'm forced to use?). They were thrilled to use crayons. While they colored I snapped a picture of each of my cute, little firemen (or fire women) to hang up on our classroom bulletin board. 
Some were happier than others about this part....

I am in love with these faces.


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