Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Countdown Begins!

We officially have finalized {kind of} information on our return flight home to America! We are all eager to be reunited with friends and family as well as stuff our faces with delicious food that is currently a distant memory.

Our week started off on shaky ground as we were trying to communicate the terms and conditions of our departure with the school. After civil disagreements, phone calls, and emails everything is settled. We will be ending our time at the school on either June 15th or 16th. One of those days that weekend  will be the school's graduation for the oldest class (Hannah teaches) and they are trying to rent a stage for the event but don't know which of the days it will be available yet. We'll all be performing one last hoo-rah on that day so it should be quite the celebration. Afterward we'll make our way to Hong Kong again to quickly renew our visas and then we have some time to travel one last time before our return flight home on June 30th from Shanghai to Salt Lake City. Where should we travel? I'm thinking maybe the Philippines or Shangri-La.

It's hard to believe our time is coming to an end but we've had so many great memories here traveling and with our students. I know a lot of my memories will be of this little ball of sunshine. Molly lights up my world every morning when she runs into the classroom, takes center stage jumping up and down, and sports a smile from ear to ear. I'll never forget one said occasion when she came running in with bright yellow swimming goggles on her forehead like a sweatband. She makes me laugh constantly with her expressions. 
I seriously love little Molly and will miss her immensely in 66 days.

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