Monday, December 31, 2012

The Sky is Falling!

Happy New Year's Eve! We are excited to bring in the new year in the lively city of Shanghai tonight. I thought I'e get in a quick post before we left town. We've experienced many firsts in China throughout 2012 and are incredibly grateful. I have loved this part of my life. Does that sound weird? I just know when I'm old er I would look back on my time here in China and miss it immensely. I'm trying to savor every moment and plan to have many more firsts in the coming year! 

One first I wasn't so excited about: our first snowfall of the winter happened on Saturday. Boo for cold weather. Boo for slick sidewalks. And Boo for frozen fingers. On the upside I always find winter to be really beautiful. Everything glowing in white....that is until the dirt gets to it. 

On Saturday it was really coming down and we just staying inside most of the day only left to get dinner at this new yummy curry restaurant down the street. Even though it's not traditional they know how to whip up a tasty bowl of curry which was perfect.

I creepily watch little kids play on the streets all the time. They are just so cute and this little guy had the biggest white teeth. adorable.

On Sunday I like to take walks and just enjoy my surroundings and this Sunday was no different. This time Andrew came with me and was nice enough to be my photographer for a few shots. Even though the snow was melting away and it was super cold we still had a nice afternoon together walking around our little city. We even found a massive rosemary bush that I will be stealing from in the future. I would say about 50 grams of rosemary would easily cost me $10 USD. Now I have all the rosemary I could ever dream of for free! Well I guess I have to pay the price of having all the Chinese people stare at me while I snip some off but they always star anyway!

SAD STORY. We found a restaurant that specializes in strange meat that he every day person doesn't naturally enjoy eating. We are pretty sure these dogs are breed for killing and then eating. On the outside of the building there were pictures of camels, dogs, donkeys, and then normal things like cows and chicken. Andrew suggested we try the place out one day. I'll order the chicken or at the very least I might try donkey but surely not a poor little dog. Would you ever eat dog?

I'm off to go pack my bags for a three day trip in Shanghai to celebrate 2013. I couldn't be more excited! What are your plans for the new year?

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