Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Flower Seed Face and New Year's Fireworks

Happy New Year!

It was very exciting to bring in the New Year in the big city of Shanghai. Even though we spent the night doing simple things in an extraordinary place I would consider it one of the best yet. We were able to stay at the same really nice hotel that our Chinese friend, Cloud, lives at. You can read about the luxurious place here. I have decided that living in a fancy hotel is probably the best idea ever. I've already been spoiled with a fluffy bed, free breakfast buffet, and housekeeping that will even do your laundry for you. It doesn't get much better than that. We try to tell Cloud that he is very lucky to live here but I don’t think he fully appreciates the luxuries.

You might think being in Shanghai that we would go out on the streets in the big city to watch fireworks and countdown and although I’m sure that would have been great but we were okay with staying in our nice warm hotel room, watching the fireworks from the window, and eating REAL Chinese takeout.

We had a lot of fun watching the Chinese version of typical Time Square New Year’s Eve performances on TV. Only the people were not singing familiar songs, the clothes were crazier than usual, and there was a little bit of everything from opera to theater performances to pop songs. My favorite part of the night was talking to Cloud about which girls he thought were ugly or beautiful. The poor guy just turned 30 last week and is desperate for a girlfriend. Every time I see him he asks me if I have found him an American girlfriend.  When I asked him what he thought was beautiful he said that the girl needs to have “big eyes and a high nose”. I didn't understand what a high nose was but then finally concluded that It was something like a petite, pointy nose. The conversation got even better when the Korean pop singers came on TV because the men looked very feminine and he proceeded to tell us about men with faces shaped like a flower or as he kept repeating, “flower seed face”. He said that Korean men wanted to look like girls and would get surgery to eliminate a square jaw line, i.e. a flower seed face. I thought it was a hilarious description. I think I will steal it to describe feminine guys from now on, “That guy is totally a flower seed face.”. Who knows maybe I could start a new trend.

Sorry I could probably talk forever about the crazy things Cloud say, like how it takes Hannah an Wayne longer to get ready because they are taller, but I haven’t even got to the fireworks yet.

We counted down to minute and listened as the fireworks immediately started going off. We could hear them but looked in the sky and saw nothing. Strange. Then we scanned our eyes a little lower only to realize that the fireworks were exploding below the tops of the buildings. Dangerous. I suppose it was a good thing we were inside watching from above because it was probably the only way we would get a good view of them. Not to mention we wouldn't have to run from flaming balls of fireworks falling from the sky. The pictures aren't the greatest because I had to shoot them from a window but this is how we brought in the New Year.
It was a simple celebration but perfect if you ask me. I love living in China because even staying in on New Year’s Eve and watching fireworks from your window is an amazing experience. 

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