Monday, February 18, 2013

A Bird's Eye View

We left Yangshuo Wednesday and took the hour long bus to the remote village of Xingping
where we would be staying to the next three nights. We drove away from the tourists and straight into
the mountains. Andrew found a trail that lead all the way up to the top of a very HIGH 
mountain. Looking up at the mountain from the ground I still can't believe I was 
that high or even more that I walked up so many steep stairs.
I wasn't expecting to hike and poor Rebekah was wearing flip flops
but she's a trooper and we made it to the top.

It provided us with the best possible view of Xingping. It was nice to just sit up there and take in all 
of that beauty. There is nothing that makes me happier than when I am out in nature.
The world really has some beautiful places.
I hope I am able to see many more of them. 

We descended the mountain right as the sun was setting and it was starting to get dark
 making it harder and harder to see the stairs that were already converging as one in my mind. 
But by some miracle we made it both up and down the steep mountain. 
Rebekah and I both agreed that our legs felt really funny and shaky afterward but it was totally worth it.

You just don't get to see breathtaking views like this everyday and sometimes you have
to hike up a mountain to see it. I'm sure there is an analogy in there somewhere. 

We ended our night the only way one does in China and that's with fireworks! 
They're a regular occurrence everywhere you go in the country but more so around the new year.
So we bought some off the side of the street and put on a little show for everyone.
We let Xingping know, "We have arrived!"

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