Friday, February 8, 2013

Splish, Splash, Taking a Mud Bath

**These are pictures of pictures and therefore not the best quality.**

Other than going to explore around Moon Hill village we took a too-too out to these
really awesome caves on our second day in Yangshuo. 
The lady on the street who hooked us up with our motorbikes
called her husband to come and get us in their too-too, which is sort of like a three wheeled 
wagon with benches. We all squeezed in and were on our way into the mountains.

We thought once we got there we would be able to just go straight to the mud pools
and hot springs that were inside but we actually had a guide and personal
photographer to show us through the cave. He told us different stories that went along with 
the stalactite and stalagmites that we saw. There were some really incredible 
formations that looked like a crocodile mouth, elephant ear, dolphin, 
lucky frog prince, and a hybrid animal that apparently different people from around the 
world see different things (horse, iguana, elephant, and hippo). There were
so many more but I can't remember them all. I learned that it takes a stalactite
100 years to grow only half of an inch. Crazy!

The guide had really good English or at least he could give the tour eloquently.
He would make a few jokes here and there which made it enjoyable but mostly
we just wanted to get to the mud caves.

When we finally stepped into the muddy bath it was far colder than we expected and it
took some time before us ladies completely submerged. Andrew on the other hand was
flopping around like a little mud fish. Everyone but Hannah and I took a turn going down
the slide. It looked like a lot of fun but we were perfectly content sitting on 
our under water mud made chairs. Eventually we were all covered in mud from head to toe
and our thirty minutes were up. Our skin was so soft afterward and we were still
finding mud in our ears the next day. Andrew even pulled out a decent sized pebble.
I guess that's what you get for being a mud fish!


After diving around in the mud bath we had a relaxing time in the hot spring and warmed right up!
It was almost like going to a spa inside of a mountain. 
Definitely an experience I do not want to forget.

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