Thursday, February 7, 2013

Around Moon Hill Village

Another magnificent day in Yangshuo has come and gone with new sites to see and new 
roads to take on the motor bikes. We drove south today into the main attractions that
Yangshuo has to offer rather than going into the rural countryside like yesterday

The sun was bright and warm with no signs of rain. 
The bright blue sky was the perfect backdrop to the 
stunning mountains that surrounded us everywhere we went. 

Our first stop was a little park with a river running through it. 
We were able to pay to take a bamboo raft across to the other side.
I felt a little uneasy. The long piece of bamboo was supposed
to be able to push us along by reaching it down to the floor of the
river. Unfortunately, mine was way too short. I don't know
why they thought the little thing would every be able to touch.
So I just took pictures. When we got off to the other side there were people
with little stalls selling knick knacks just trying to make a living. 
One guy was charging to take pictures with his peacock so
I paid the 30 cents and took my picture. 

We rode out to Moon Hill which is a natural semi-circle whole in the side
of the mountain and rode a little through Moon Hill village. 
I love how there are small villages throughout the mountains. 
It's amazing to me that these people just live everyday
among such majestic scenery and that's their life.
They know nothing else but crazy cool mountains
everyday. I think of the little kids who grow up here and will
most likely see nothing other than the small village they live in.
I wonder what it would be like to grow up in a place like this. 

A short drive away from Moon Hill back toward Yangshuo you can take a
 small road to the most ..and I'm not exagerating...amazing view we have seen in the city. 
I don't know if the pictures do it justice. We've seen a lot of beautiful views here but
the combination of the river, trees, and perfectly placed mountains was breathtaking. 

These little ones live in the village surrounded by the most beautiful view.
I was watching them play together and they were too cute I had
to take a picture to remember them. Here they are pretending to be chickens. 
There are chickens everywhere. Chickens are what they know.

There were countless strawberry fields along one stretch of the road.
We stopped to buy some but they were charging like 50 cents USD a strawberry.
I don't know if that was the foreigner price or what but you would think
with so many strawberries they would be cheaper. 
We saved our money and kept driving. 

We were home from another day exploring into the mountains 
around Moon Hill just in time to watch the sunset from the roof of our hostel. 

We did some shopping on West Street which was lined with booths of
people selling junk to anyone who would buy it, i.e. us. They had your typical Chinese
looking souvenirs and knock-off this and that. I bought a couple 
dresses for the beach next week and all of us girls bought a Chinese looking purse.
Andrew wasn't able to buy the king fu shirt he wanted because they would
never go down to his price but the good thing about China 
is they sell the same things everywhere. 

Tomorrow it's off to stay three days in one of the small mountain villages: Xingping!

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